Mica powder for soap

Mica Powder for Soap Making

We won't compromise on quality.

 We test our mica powders so you don't have to.

Our mica powder is thoroughly tested in soap, nail polish and makeup to guarantee performance. We offer a wide variety of EU approved vegan and cruelty free cosmetic micas that are  safe for use in eyes*, lips* and soap*.  We have extensive experience in soap making and have selected our micas so that they do not morph when added to cold process soap. We know the disappointment and frustration of selecting a vibrant mica only to have its colour change dramatically when used in your soap.

All of our mica powders can be used in nail art or as  paint colourants via an acrylic medium or acrylic paint. In addition our micas are commomly used in candle making for a pretty and subtle shimmer effect.

Being cosmetic grade our micas are ideally suited for nails and produce hardwearing vibrant polishes that can be combined with liquid and metallic pigments. At Micamoma we have extensive formulation experience and are able to advise on performance and usage of all  our micas. Our Micas are affordable with prices starting at only £4 for 30g and fast delivery.