Sky Blue Mica

Sky Blue Mica Powder


Shimmery sky blue mica powder can be used in soap, on the face and the eyes. Creates a serene baby blue shade with a beautiful green secondary tone. When added to nail polish the two-tone effect is captured beautifully in the light.  To make a lovely blue soap add approximately 0.5 - 1g of mica powder to 100g of soap batter. 

Use our Micamoma High Gloss Pearl Suspension Base for the best effects. Add 2 x 0.5ml scoop of mica to 12ml of suspension base. Remember that you can always add Micamoma liquid pigments to your nail polish to make a darker or more opaque nail polish.

Sky Blue Mica Powder can withstand a high pH environment so it is ideal for cold process soapmaking and other bath and body products. This mica is approved for use on face, nails and eyes so is great for your mineral makeup projects.


INCI - CI77019, CI77891,  CI77007, CI77288

Particle Size - 10-60μm

MSDS are available. Please note all our micas are supplied in ziplock bags.