Liquid Pigments

About our nail polish liquid pigments

Liquid pigments add colour to nail polish. They are particularily useful for all types of indie nail polish including jellies and cremes. Being liquid based they distribute evenly throughout nail polish bases and can be easily mixed to create any shade or colour.

Unlike coloured oxide powders, liquid pigments eliminate streaking in nail polish for a professional salon fresh finish. Micamoma liquid pigments are some of the most highly concentrated pigments available to artisan nail polish manufacturers in the EU, meaning that only a small quantity is required for full coverage. They also contain no carmine, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, DBP or toulene and are certified cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Our pigments are EU manufactured and comply with current EC regulations (2013) and are available in 8 different colours that can be used alone or combined to create endless shades and colour nuances.    

How to use nail polish liquid pigments?

We recommend that nail polish liquid pigments should be used initially at the following concentrations in suspension base.

Creme Polish - Add approximately 3 ml for a 10ml nail polish
Jelly Polish - Add approximately 1ml for a 10ml nail polish

These concentrations can be increased or decreased in order to produce a more opaque or transparent finish. As you become accustomed to using nail polish liquid pigments you can experiment in order to achieve the desired result within your nail polish.


For more information about our liquid pigments please contact us or email