Holographic Diamondprism Linear Pigment 50 microns

Holographic Diamondprism Linear Pigment 50 Microns


Holographic Diamondprism Linear pigment create an eye catching rainbow holographic linear effect. Looks stunning in nail polish.

Diamondprism® is perfect for slime making and nail art and is popular alternative to Spectraflair with the same or better results.

This microfine flake holographic pigment is quite fine and a small quantity is needed to give the popular classic holo prism effect.


This product conforms to EC regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and is cosmetic grade, cruelty free and vegan friendly. On the nail, the linear holographic effect is truly eyecatching the photographs do not do it justice.

Holographic Diamondprism Linear pigment is non-toxic, non-radiated and safe to use in nail polish and cosmetics intended for sale in the U.K and the European Union.


Holographic pigments are supplied in jars for the 1g option. All other  quanities are supplied in ziplock bags.


Suspension Bases and Holographic Diamondprism pigment
To achieve best results use 10 Free High Gloss Pearl Suspension Base

Weight: 1g, 5g, 10g
Applications: Nail Polish, Crafts
Packaging: Jar,Resealable Bag