Chromatic Colour Pigments

Why Chromatic ChromaFlair 'type' cosmetic nail polish pigments are special

Chromatic ChromaFlair 'type' nail polish pigment conforms to EU regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and is cosmetic grade and cruelty-free. This product is a cosmetic safe and EU approved version of popular  ChromaFlair type pigments. These versatile pigments can be used in most cosmetic applications including eye make-up.

The vibrant, metallic, multichromatic colour shifts are achieved by the refraction of light via the tiny micron-sized aluminium flakes. These flakes are encapsulated by glass which refracts and bends light achieving the dramatic rainbow effect. The extreme multi-colour shifts are observed when viewing the nail via different angles and light sources.

To achieve the eye-catching colour shifts the thickness of the encapsulating glass must be manufactured within a few atoms

Micamoma ChromaFlair 'type' pigments are non-toxic, non-radiated and safe to use in nail polish intended for sale in the U.K and the European Union.

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