Festive Red Pearl Nail Polish Recipe with Liquid Pigment


Top Tip! - Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating when making pearl polishes to create a polish with good coverage without adding lots of mica. While mica is a great pigment with lots of versatility too much can be a problem. If you add too much mica it can reduce the adhesive properties of your nail polish. This can lead to reduced durability making your nail polish crack and flake off the nail easily. Not good. I deally you want to keep your dry pigments (in this case mica) to no more than 12-15% of your total formula.


To achieve good coverage or opacity it is best to use liquid pigment and mica together. The liquid pigment adds colour and opacity while the mica also adds some opacity but mostly lots of pearl and shimmer.


To create this festive red pearl nail polish is really simple. You will need -


- 1 x mixing cup

- 1 x solvent resistant mixing spoon

- Micamoma High Gloss Pearl Suspension Base

- Vintage Bordeaux

- Royal Red liquid Pigment

- 1ml Measuring syringe

- 1 x 10ml nail polish bottle

- 2 x mini balls

- 1 x 0.5ml measuring scoop


1. Pour some suspension base into the mixing cup just above the 10ml mark.


2. Then add 1ml of Micamoma Royal Red Liquid Pigment and mix thoroughly. Remember that 1ml is approximately 40 drops if you are using a 30ml squeezy bottle. Or you can eyeball it.



3. Add 1 scoop of Micamoma Vintage Bordeaux Mica and mix well until all of the mica is combined.



4. Pour into your 10ml bottle and add 2 mini steel balls.


Go ahead give this recipe a try and please send us a message here at Micamoma with some photos. We would love to see your creations.