Black Jelly Nail Polish With Silver Holographic Glitter - How To Guide


An oldie but a goodie. This holographic beauty is the perfect playful nail polish that will work perfectly for a fun night out.


You will need -

- 008 Silver Holographic Glitter

- 015 Silver Holographic Glitter

- Micamoma Holographic Pigment

- Micamoma Clear Suspension Base

- Micamoma Jet Black Liquid pigment

- 1 x mixing cup

- 1 x solvent resistant mixing spoon

- 1 x 10ml nail polish bottle

- 2 x mini steel mixing balls or 1 mega ball staeel ball

- 1 x 0.05ml measuring scoop

- 1ml measuring syringe


1. Pour some suspension base into the mixing cup halfway between the 5ml and 10ml mark (approximately 6-7ml). Using the measuring syringe add 4ml of Jet Black Liquid Pigment. If you are using the small squeezy bottles that amounts to 120 drops (I know, alot of drops) or measure in enough liquid pigment to take you a little above the 10ml mark.


2. Stir thoroughly until completely mixed.


3. Using your measuring scoop add the following -  3 x  008 Silver Holographic glitter, 2 x 015 Silver Holographic glitter and 2 x Holographic Pigment.



4. Mix thoroughly. If you find the formula a little thick just add a few drops of nail polish thinner to achieve the desired consistency. Pour into your nail polish bottle and add 1 mega ball or 2 mini balls.


5. Then sit back and admire your work.



Please give this a try and we would love to see us any photos. :)