Pink Pearl with Gold Shimmer Nail Polish Recipe


To create this gorgeous pink polish with gold shimmer is really simple. You will need -


- 1 x mixing cup

- 1 x solvent resistant mixing spoon

- Micamoma High Gloss Pearl Suspension Base

- Red Merlot Mica

- 1 x 10ml nail polish bottle

- 2 x mini balls

- 1 x 0.5ml measuring scoop


1. Pour some suspension base into the mixing cup halfway between the 10ml and 15ml mark.


2. Add 1 and a half scoops of Red Merlot mica to the suspension base.



3. Mix until the mica is well incorporated and there are no lumps of mica left.



4. Pour into the empty nail polish bottle and add 2 x mini balls.




Give this a try and send us some pictures we would love to see your creations. :)