Arctic White Synthetic Mica

Arctic White Synthetic Mica Powder


Arctic White Synthetic mica powder is a bright, fine white synthetic mica pigment which gives luminescence, shimmer and extra special sparkle when added to lipstick, nail polish, cold process and melt and pour soap. 


Arctic White Synthetic mica can withstand a high pH environment and is ideal for soapmaking and other bath and body products.
This white synthetic mica pigment has a subtle sheen and is ideally suited for mineral makeup.  In addition, adding it to nail polish base produces a stark ice white shade. 
It can be mixed with expoxy resin for jewellery or used to create shimmer paint and added to slime for stark white shimmer effects. 
Mica powder is highly concentrated pigment where only a little is needed for full colour saturation.
Recommended usage rates:
0.25g - 0.5g per 100g of soap batter should produce a brightly coloured bar. Please test and adjust accordingly.
This mica can be mixed with additional synthetic mica pigments to produce bright shimmer pastel shades.  
Arctic White Synthetic Mica Powder is approved for lips, eyes, nail polish and soap.
Excellent for foundation, eyeshadow and makes a wonderful lipstick.
MSDS available.
INCI - Synthetic Fluorphlogopite (Mica) , CI77891
PArcticle Size - 10-60μm
Arctic White Synthetic mica powder is supplied in ziplock bags.